Dreamweaver cannot determine the remote servers date and time. The sychronize feature

Hello Folks,

This problem has been occuring for me lately.Sometimes when I try to log into a hosting account I get the following message:

“Dreamweaver cannot determine the remote servers date and time. The sychronize feature is not available”

There is a fix that sometimes work which is editing the Dreamweaver.exe file by searching for XYIZNWSK which should be in lower case…once I change that to lower case and save…sometimes I can successfully log into my hosting accounts but other times, even with that correction, I still receive the same message.

Is there another means of correcting this?


Hi Evolving,
Timestamp/synchronization issues has been haunting many a DW user.

This might give you a little help:


The problem lies in Dreamweavers Timestamp abilities, and a problem in DW to resolve time zones for computers it is connected to. Macromedia recommends this solution:
‘Coordinate the system clock time of any computer that connects to the remote computer to the server’s clock time. The hours can be different to reflect time zone differences, but the minutes should match.’

A search on macromedia.com for these kinds of problems [color=#0000ff]http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/search/index.cfm?loc=en_us&term=mx+synchronize&area=[/color] wields that they almost all of the time are connected to synchronizing server time/local time and timestamps.

I knew I had answered this question better somewhere else some time ago, finally found it:

Almost all these question regarding timestamp and server time, like this question, relates to how Dreamweaver sorts out the server time. All version of Dreamweaver (at least since version 3) creates a temporary folder on the same level ftp connects to. This folder is named ‘XYIZNWSK’. Old versions of Dreamweaver will try to create this folder up to 20 times, which will explain very long time attempting to connect. Newer version of Dreamweaver tries this once.

If you have defined a folder on the remote that you don’t have write permission to, you will not be able to determine server time. For example if you’ve defined the remote server to a upper level folder, and your site files belong in a subfolder like public_html, httpdocs, www, or similar, you will experience this problem. Solution: Take that exact folder name and put it in the “Host Directory” box of the remote info in the site definition. Adjust the local site folder down a level, if
needed. Now dreamweaver can write to the directory it logs into (create the temporary folder), and can determine the server time.

I just went threw this for a few hours so hopefully this will help someone out in the future that is seeing errors like this.

What fixes this is going to your site
site>edit sites>yoursite>edit

advanced tab>remote info

then you should CHECK “use passive FTP”

I fixed the error talked about in this thread by checking that box. Now everything is working great.