Download Screen

In a website i’m working on the owner would like to have a download page, where people can download his music (can be in .rar format but mp3 as well). So where I’m looking for is text link, which when it is clicked not the music start to play but instead a download screen opens where people can download the file.

How do I do so. Thank you in advance.

There are various ways to force download for example in .htaccess something on the lines of the following would probably work:

AddType application/octet-stream .mp3

Hi xhtmlcoder,

I never have done something with .htaccess. Can you explain me this a liitle or maybe point me to some kind of tutorial where I can pick some info up on the subject. Thank you

You typically need an Apache server and be allowed to write a .htaccces file. Our very own Ralph the Mighty covers a little about .htaccess in the free SPF book ‘Thinking Web’ Thinking Web: Voices of the Community from page 5.

So the hardest part is saving the extension file but other than that it’s pretty much like a text document with line commands.

So all it would need to contain is that line I wrote. If that doesn’t help you enough, you can search for ‘htaccess tutorials’ or there’s plenty out there: