Download files from Apache server?


Is there a way to download files and folders from an apache server via FTP or some kind of a website downloader?

The mains page looks like this;

Index of /IBBM

Name	Last modified	Size	Description
Parent Directory	 	 -	 
Accounts_and_Finance/	10-Feb-2012 01:27	 -	 
Business_organisation/	10-Feb-2012 01:31	 -	 
Human_resources/	10-Feb-2012 01:32	 -	 
Marketing/	10-Feb-2012 01:32	 -	 
Operations/	10-Feb-2012 01:32	 -	 

Apache/2.2.15 (CentOS) Server at *****************n Port 80

Download files from Apache Via FTP - that’d be called an FTP Server :wink:

Apache serves HTTP, not FTP.

If you want to just host files, apache is good at doing that, but you’ll need something a little extra to support a way to download a ful follder easily.

Right on, Tim!

Apache’s job is to serve files upon request (via HTTP protocol) and it does that for those file types it recognizes (.html, .htm, .php, .txt, .js, …). For those it does not recognize (like .exe, .ppt, .xls, …), it will offer to download the file. IF the webmaster (and host’s sysadmin) is not careful, directory listings are provided by default so a visitor could download any file - not a desirable situation for a real webmaster!

Better stick with a solution designed to do what you need it to do and use an FTP daemon which can readily communicate with FTP clients.



That’s NOT correct.
Apache CAN serve FTP if you add a ftp module to it (mod_ftp) and configure it correctly.