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Some books, e.g. “Hands-On Full-Stack Development with Swift” are not downloadable. Is there a reason for this, please?

It’s probably because it’s a book from a different publisher, Packt, which possibly has a pact with SitePoint that they are read-only.

Thank you very much for your reply. Much appreciated.

I am curious about that same issue, too, @ralphm

I poked around and found several SitePoint books that do not offer themselves to be downloaded. One must read them on-line. A couple of examples:

Perhaps there is more to it that ownership by another publisher. Can anyone from the Premium business office explain the rules of downloadables?

And just out of curiosity, why aren’t the dates published presented up front along with the title and author?

Hey @Pleasure, @ralphm is correct, we can’t offer downloads of Packt’s books due to the deal that we have with them – their books are online-only.

However, we’re moving away from offering downloads on books so that we can concentrate on our online reader and include content from other publishers without it being confusing – new books from us don’t have downloads, and new Premium memberships don’t include download capability, either.

We’re still working on the reader, including how we present metadata. Hopefully we’ll be able to add dates, @ronpat.

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That’s too bad. I spend sooo much time on-line here… that I enjoy walking away from my computer occasionally and reading a “book”. Change of pace - posture, reduced glare, no distractions, visit my cats, etc. The downloadable books have been blessings to me. But that’s just me.

Business is business and the reader is so important to avoid user confusion :shifty:

Thank you for the reply, @Simon_Mackie.

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