Don't you hate running around for assets?

Hi guys,

I wanted to start this thread because I am tired of trying to endlessly search for assets to help me build my websites. Do you know of any sites, like community-sharing portals, with an advanced search system, like colors, types of assets, tag search etc?
A friend of mine recommended a site, called Creattor. I was happy with how much stuff they have on it, but sifting through it is hell. Does anybody else have a better alternative?

Like a toolkit for your website?

I think every developer/designer has something like that. I, personally, keep my resources in a massive, 4GB folder (I think?) on my desktop. It’s always useful to have when I make that. Something like that?

As for making it, I would sit down for a day and just start getting stuff - make sure you know the license and include it in the same location as whatever you might use. For instance, I downloaded tons of Social Media Icon Sets one day. I have the license in the folder of the set so that I can know the license in 4 years, if need be (if it doesn’t change).

After you’ve got a base set, just keep adding to it. I subscribe to a few RSS feeds that give out some nice giveaways - if I see a nice brush set, or texture pack, I’ll download it and add it to my collection. That way, I can always have those tools on hand.