Domian name

thinking about coming up with a domain name I have no idea what I should come up with…(:

That’s nice…are you looking for help/suggestions, or are you just venting about it?

just thinking and wondering what it should be

well if you let people know your business then you could get some ideas on what the name should be. Or you could even go to any domain registration sites and then say - Suggested Domains and you could get a long list of domain ideas based on the keyword you provide. Hope that helps

ah right cool thanks

If you are looking for ideas for a domain name, I think you should know what niche you are currently operating. Domain names can relate to people easily if it has similarities on the niche it was serving under. Of course there are exceptions but this is one of the effective ways I can think of.

Sounds good later I’ll come up with it’s not really a business :slight_smile: