@doman.me email?

I’ve not been able to get google to turn up anything so I thought I would crowd source those who may own .me domains. I’m looking to get a .me just for putzing around with but I do want to have email with the domain. But I’ve never seen a @.me email address. Do those exist?


Surely it’s just like any other domain - you acquire hosting then set up the e-mail addresses via cPanel or whatever control panel your hosting uses.

Thank you for the feedback. I don’t know why it’s hard for me to wrap my head around, I’ve never seen a user@domain.me email every. Yet I think about it, we have .edu, .org, .gov, etc… thanks.

Possibly the easiest place to get a .me email address would be at http://about.me

When I got iCloud for my iPhone and iPad, Apple assigned me a .me email account. That is one way to get a .me account.