Domain with www or without it

I wondered what would do better - a domain with a www.
or without it?
Some old browsers will not recognize website without the www., but they are way more easy to remember and shorter.
What would u go for?

Really? I’ve never heard that. If there are any such browsers, I doubt they are in use any more. I’m sure even IE6 didn’t have an issue with it, and it’s dead anyway, along with IE7.

Just go for it. Lots of sites go without www and have no issues.

Why do you think it is “either/or”? Any half-way competent website will work as both and [noparse][/noparse]. That way, it doesn’t matter which one people try, they will still get through to the same place.

I’m not aware of browsers failing to understand URLs without a [noparse]www.,[/noparse] but there are lots of applications and websites that need http:// or www. to parse a URL – I can’t actually think of any that would recognise on its own as a URL, so if you want your URLs to be automagically linkified (whether in email, Facebook, Twitter, any other comment box, Word documents, PDFs, etc) then www. is a lot easier to go with than http:// … but that doesn’t mean you need to use www. at other times!

I think some browsers just show the www and others dont. But if you copy and paste they should by default all use the www when pasted. You can pick either way to rewrite your url via your htaccess. Neither matters anymore than the other. Whichever you choose just always use that link. I use www because to me its sunomeness with the web. Thats what people expect to see. Much like .com is. If you rewrite it your manily protecting yourself from the way others link to your site. Some will use www. Some will use a “/” at the end. In order to prevent dupe content you just want to use a consistent stratagy. My urls are rewritten to regardless how it is typed in the browser.

There’s really no difference, but I saw a video on webmasters tools from google that said that it’s best if you choose one. Doesn’t matter which, and then submit that to google webmasters tools.

Yes, that’s correct. It’s not the easiest thing to find, but it’s under “Site Settings” in the drop-down Tools menu in the top right-hand corner of GWT. You can specify there which version you wish Google to use to display search results for your site.

My preferred option is to choose whether you want www or not and then, in your htaccess file, redirect the one you don’t want to the one you do (assuming your web host serves up both, which they usually do by default). I normally redirect the www version to the no www version, as having www on the domain is SO 1990s. Even Mr Berners-Lee apparently regreats ever suggesting www be added to URLs.