Domain transfer?

Control of a domain name is due to be handed back to me soon and I need to get in contact with the current administrator. I’ve never done something like this before, so how do I ensure it all goes through trouble-free please?

Most of the domain transfers are quite easy. If the current administrator is willing to do so.
What usually happens is that the provider generates a code to make the domain transfer, the current administrator pass it to you. You go to your preferred provider and give them that.
Some providers will ask for a confirmation from both of you, some others only from him/her. And a few just do it and that’s it.

The other option is that he/she is giving you the account where the domain is registered. If that’s the case, check that you can log in and there’s nothing else of him/her that could be needed later.

What I’d recommend you is, be honest and transparent. And of course, have close communication with the current admin, so both of you know what’s going on.
If you’re handed an account. Change password and emails (recovery emails and such) when you’re ready and the current admin has got no need to get on the site.

And check as well the domain info to be accurate and/or to point to the right servers etc.

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Can you get the domain registration updated so that it has your information, particularly your email address? Note that if the domain has a privacy service then you might need to disable that.

Thank you very much for these replies, in particular to Les for quite a detailed response.

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