Domain transfer Issue? Please help

Hello there,

I have my Domain Registered in

Now I want to Transfer this Domain to Another Person who has a Gohindi Account.

Firstly Should I Pay for the Transfer of the Domain?

I tried to proceed by clicking on Domain Transfer from my Gohindi Domain Admin Panel. In one of the Steps after Clicking on Payment Button.

The domain is registered by Directi Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. d/b/a as a Registrar. Can’t execute a Transfer request for this Domain.

How do I resolve the same.

And Should I pay the Registrar (Gohindi) for Transferring the Domain ?

Can Anyone Help me Transfer the Domain to the new Owner

Also, Gohindi Does not Respond to the Phone Number that is displayed in the Site. The number Seems Invalid.


  1. is a reseller of
  2. Please write to Prabudh Kalia and he will help you as only he can move/push (‘transfer’ is not valid in this case) the domain to another account.
  3. You are not suppose to pay anything or to renew the domain for pushing to another account.
  4. Prabudh is attending calls on his cell phone all the time and very prompt to reply emails.

Good luck.

Thank you Sir. Could I have Prabudh’s Number Again here please

Also, Could you also tell me what are the new Owner Details that Prabudh would require to transfer my Domain to the New Owner.

So that I can keep everything ready from my end and raise a Ticket in .

+919839055749 contact him and he will certainly help you. He may require only your and other party’s email ID.

Good luck.

You don’t have to pay anything for domain management account transfer. Only the price should be paid when you transfer the domain from one registerar to another like from netfirms to godaddy.

I have tried that Number (+919839055749) several Times. But before even I get a ring on the other Side, my phone Displays Disconnected…

come on, use better domain registrar, like net4india etc. and no need to pay anything like transfer fees etc. it is free.

  1. May be a network problem. Please send email to prabudh @ gohindi com
  2. net4 india is worst; but you may go with them if you want to go for ransom. They are biggest cheat. for example they refused to loose domain and our client has to wait to get it back till domain is fully deleted from registry database itself.


It should be free to transfer your domain. By the way, I never heard about