Domain Registrar Business - Challenges to starting one


If I am not wrong then ICANN charges $5000 as a one time fee, but just paying the fee is not sufficient for someone to become a domain registrar. There are other hurdles that need to be cleared.

can we discuss all the facets of becoming a domain registrar?
(I am not talking about becoming a reseller).

what is the role of VeriSign?
Does domain booking site need some high-quality security or its the ICANN server that holds all the responsibility?
How much commission does ICANN take on all the domains?


This niche is highly competitive and kind of saturated. Don't you think so? Does it even worth starting?


Your comment was Off-topic so is this One:

If competition is the logic to kick-out the possibility of a start-up then you won't ever be able to start any business.
In future technology such as storage, Internet and AI will be so cheaper and thus competition will be more fierce.

While you will think about words such as "competition" and "saturated" many businesses will come and find their space.

Business and competition are mutually tweens.

Welcome to life where competition and struggle are an eternal reality at least on the planet earth unless Elon musk discovers heavenly planet someday with no misery, old age or struggle for life. But life will be so boring there. Isn't it?


Well, competition might be present almost everywhere. But there is also a relativity thing. Some niches are more competitive than others. That was what I meant in my comment.

However, if this is your mindset, then you probably good to go and have decent chances in making it success. :slight_smile:

Any competition can be beaten.

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