Domain Names

How can i get a domain name free?

Steal it. :slight_smile:

Or go to something like, or and get a free site and domain name there.

But seriously, though, domains are so cheap that it’s kind of crazy to be asking a question like this, IMHO.

Please buy ‘special offer’ hosting and host may provide free domain :slight_smile:
Good luck

I agree. Special offers that give you a free domain with hosting are the only way to go. That is how I did it went I didn’t have the cash to spend on a domain - I just got it from a web hosting package.

some of these offers are not recomended simply because you never really own the domain. if you decide to move to a new host then you can not move the domain with you. the hosting company still own the domain

What is your development Plan ? Some extensions are very inexpensive . $2 for a .info (first year) if it fits your needs… As info can make an excellent mini-site . The old saying "there is no such thing as free " is true there is always a catch.