Domain names examples

Hi guys,
I was reading the latest release of the monthly ezine at daemonnews:

Reading the book review of the latest FreeBSD’s book, my attention was captured by a reference to a RFC document ( rfc2606, precisely ).
The content of it can be downloaded here:
( don’t worry they are just few pages, 5 precisely )

One of the most interesting part of that memo is that it gives a list of Second Level Domain Names that can be used for testing and that can be used in the examples, they are:

Try typing and you will see a nice page with a little explanation and a link to the document I named before.

The aim of this post is to launch a request for collaboration from you guys.
In fact I invite you all to follow that memo and in particular to use inside our examples those domain names instead of, or that are real domains.
So, basically, mine is a gentle invite to you all and me in first place to follow that memo when using some domains name as example in our posts.

A real world example could help you to understand:

I need to redirect to
etc etc

:slight_smile: Andrea