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Hello I have a brand called the Roll Model Method and my website is but when I google my brand name a Viagra Pharmacy website with the same domain name comes up:

What could possibly be going on here?

The Roll Model Site:

Viagra Site:

Google Catch:

I seem to remember a similar post last week and from memory your site has probably been hacked.

If you go to the site directly it displays one version but if you use a search engine it shows another.

Check you website files carefully.

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So that Viagra site code may be in the website files? How is it caching that site though?

A domain name can only be registered to one site / owner, and according to a look-up just now it appears to be yours.
Though it does say:-

Viewing a cached Whois record
Our system is temporarily unable to provide a real-time Whois lookup for this domain name. The record shown here was current on 06/27/2017. If you refresh your browser we will attempt another lookup.

I see, but why is Google caching it as a Viagra Site?

Not necessarily, but there could have been some infiltrated code redirecting to it.

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Where would I find that infiltrated code?

I can not remember the outcome of the previous thread but it is some sort of redirection so possibly the .htaccess file. Either way from memory the recommendation was to reinstall the site from a backup and change all passwords


Google’s cache may be more up to date. Though if it is a hacking, the registry won’t have changed.

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You could use FTP to compare the files and directories with the copy on your local machine.


Ok thanks

ok so its best to check my files see whats going on…

Don’t forget to change your passwords and check wordpress is upto date as well as all your plugins.

Just checked a wordpress site I manage!


A friend had exactly the same problem a month ago. I came to the conclusion that on the shared server there was some problem with the way the domain name pointed at the site. He complained to his web developer, and eventually it was resolved. I suspect that the hosting was one of those cases where you can host several sites in the one hosting deal and his developer just got it wrong. Speak to whoever built your website and complain. It’s not a problenm with your website files, it’s the hosting setup.

It could be a problem with the server setup but I would say it was to much of a coincidence that the other site was a Viagra site.

Yes, that looks suspicious, if it were something more innocent and not so spammy it may look more like a hosting gaff, but this smells like a hacking.


I just looked at the source code for the site displayed via the google search and it says

<frameset rows="*,0" framespacing="0" border="0" frameborder="NO"> <frame src="" noresize="" scrolling="auto"> </frameset>
Yet if I enter in the browser, I get to your site.

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Is there a difference between the www. and non-www. URLs? Or between http and https?

oh wow, so is this code something I can take out?

Removing the offending code is only part of the solution. You need to make sure your site can’t be so easily hacked again.

WordPress has a lot of information on the subject starting here.

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