Domain name change

My website was getting ranking in top 100 and impressions were very good in google search console.

It was built on wix, I redesigned the website in wordpress and tried to keep the URLs same.

But somehow in development process we missed adding www. to the website and in wordpress at the end it also added / to url.


Before the url structure was

After it become and cached like

It beacause of this I got duplicate errors on my previous links in search console and lost my rankings.

Now I fixed to previous url structure but the ranking is still not anywhere in the google results only a few keywords are shoing impressions and these keywords are not having any competition that’s why they are showing up in top 200 results.

Please guide me what can I do.

After a change in ranking like this, fixing the problem will not lead to immediate results in recovering ranking. Search engines take time to re-crawl and even after crawling may not instantly reinstate previous ranking. It may take time.
What you should do, if you have not already, is have the alternative version of the domain redirect to the main one you want to use.

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how to redirect which method

Probably the most common way is via the .htaccess file, if it is an Apache server.

Are canonical links set?

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