Domain age of parked domain vs index age (SEO benefit)


I’ve read that domain age factors into how google and other SE’s will rank a site. What if there’s a domain that was registered in 2006, is now technically 6 years old, but no content has ever been added to it? It’s always been a parked domain sitting on one of those domain broker sites waiting for somebody to buy it.

If I buy it do I get the benefit of having a 6 year old domain in the eyes of the search engines, or because it has no “index age” will it not have any real “age” value?


probably it would have some credit for age. but i doubt how much that would be towards the factors for ranking, since it was a no index.

Thanks for responding. I guess that’s the real question: Does the search engine give a website/domain a boost simply because it existed in a registration record for several years, even though nothing has ever been done with it.

Maybe another way to think of it. If there was a keyword-rich parked domain that was registered 6 years ago on sale for $200 vs a keyword-rich parked-domain on sale for $150 that was registered 6 months ago, is there benefit in getting that 6 year old domain even if it’s a little more money?

[FONT=Verdana]Search engines rank pages (not domains) according to how relevant that page is to the search term. If two pages were deemed to be equally relevant in all other ways, then it’s probable that the page which has been around longer would get the higher position. That’s based on the idea that the older page is more established as authoritative on the subject.

I’d say save your money, buy a new domain and spend what you saved on useful ways to promote that site. The age of the domain is going to do nothing for you in these circumstances. [/FONT]

[font=verdana]Search engines consider the age of the website rather than age of the domain.

A website that has been going continuously for 10 years clearly has some staying power, and will get credit for this – and even more so if the pages within that have been regulardly updated over the 10 years rather than put up in 2002 and left there untouched ever since. A domain that was registered and parked for 10 years, or has been used by several different websites in that time, has no claim to venerability, so there would be no sense in Google giving it any “age” bonus.[/font]