Does wordpress work with gmail?

Has anyone had any success in getting wordpress to work with Google Apps (particularly gmail)?

I have tried 3 different plugins to no avail and have tried SSL and TLS also. My last attempt involved installing sstmp on the linux box and using it to replace sendmail but I still can’t get it to interface with gmail. However I can send emails via gmail from the command line now.

Has anyone had wordpress able to send out status emails via gmail?

You’ll need to use this plugin in order for wordpress to send email using an external SMTP account:

Have you tried that plugin? The problem is that most don’t support TLS.

I think I managed to get it to work with ssmtp installed under linux and installed as a replacement to /usr/bin/sendmail

I might try your plugin if I need it for multisite. Thanks for the link

The plugin I linked to does. It’s right on the feature list.