Does this makes sense?: Store data into an array where we have Value Objects?

Hello all,

I’m now looking for this code sniped and… I’m wondering does this makes any sense?

$mensagem['nome'] = $dadosCriados->name;
$mensagem['dataCriacao'] = $dadosCriados->crDate;
$mensagem['identificador'] = $dadosCriadosExtensao->roid;

return $mensagem;

I mean, I’m storing some data into an array, that later will be echoed on the view.
But since I’m using a value object, why can’t I, instead of storing those into an array, just set that data. Then, on our view, we can get that data and echo it.

yes? :shifty:

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Array out. :smiley:

“now” and “know”, “to” and “too” and so many others… are common on my texts… :wink:

Thanks for that too. :slight_smile: I guess I’ve played too much MoH . :smiley:

Yeah, I don’t see any reason to use the array, here.

Off Topic:

I believe the word you’re looking for, instead of “sniped” is “snippet”. I don’t think you’re a native english speaker, so that’s an easy mistake to make :slight_smile: