Does pay per click work?

Hi I am just wondering if its worth to start with pay per click? What is the conversion with that?

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If you newbie then go for seo or social media, yes it will take time but is the better way to go,but If you have an expertise then of course.

Its definitely working. You just need to choose your target keyword to avoid wasting money but nevertheless it is a big help in your campaign.


Pay per click definitely works, but you have to plan a budget for it, and then measure whether the returns outweighs the money you have spent for PPC.

In my opinion, PPC is the shortcut way if you want your website to appear on page 1 Google at the shortest possible time.


How do PPC ads affect SERPS?

Short answer - they don’t. You can pay to have your advertisement appear on the page, but it will not affect where you site ranks in the organic results - on Google, at least. They are very clear about that.

That was what I thought. More SEO myths…

ppc ads do have to target your keywords properly to manage a perfect budget and perfect description.

Whatever does that mean?

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