Does Page Rank pass through a Double 301 Redirect?

If PAge A redirects to Page B which is a Redirect to PAge C…

will the page rank still be passed? I could have swore I saw a youtube matt cutts video where he says Google cannot do this?

Sound familiar to anyone…and if so can you list the source so I can show the boss?

Any thoughts…

Google certainly appreciates a redirect and passes on PR. But why do this? Just redirect from A to C.

Most of the PR is passed through a 301 redirect, but there is a small leakage factor. If you’re just doing one or two redirects, this won’t matter; it is there to stop webbies from setting up a redirect circle to build infinite PR.

Maybe you’re not in control of A anymore?

Ideally, it should pass the PR if done in phases. If you are setting up a redirect from site A to site B today and site B to site C tomorrow… It won’t work out.

If PR has already passed from Site A to Site B and then you are redirecting it to site C, it should pass the PR.

Long story but a few years ago all content was duplicated over 7 websites to provide better user experience (each site would have a ton of content)

Well the URLs on one site (B) were rewritten (C).

Now we are closing down some other properties (A) but there are literally a million pages so trying to figure out which old URL should go to the newly rewritten URL would be impossible.

Rather we are going to be redirecting the Duplicate URLs (A) to their match (B) which is now rewritten.

Thus A->B->C

I should have known there was a reason for it—just thought I’d ask. :smiley: Sounds like a big operation, so good luck with it!

At every 301 redirect, some percentage of page rank is being diluted. You never retain the 100% PR from site A to B and B to C.