Does not show “Specification” in product card OpenCart

The site supports 3 languages ​​(Russian, English, Georgian) There is a problem in this
In the product card, in the Georgian version there is no Characteristics tab. Moreover, if I switch this page to Russian or English, then the tab “Characteristics” is visible (Attached screenshots) enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here


I decided to look at the code and when switching to the Georgian version I did not find a line of code for the characteristics
Please tell me which file do I need to go into and solve the problem view / theme / template / product / product.tpl? Or in another?
And where is the main array, which stores the quantity of elements array. I think in this array 2 elements, which includes 2 languages(but i need 3)


-The template developer said about arrays but did not say where to look for them …
-All the attributes and characteristics are translated into 3 languages ​​and the admin panel. The panel displays everything, but site NO.

Can you get back to the template developer and ask for clarification until it becomes clear?

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