Does it still helps in Business promotion?

What you think brochure or flyer designing still work in business promotion? How can we use this traditional marketing tactic more effectively than ever before?

Are you talking about real-life brochures or their digital versions?

Personally, I think brochures are a waste of money, unless if you’re running a restaurant with food delivery and a menu.

As for making it more effective than before, why not print it in cardboard, put a handle on it and turn it into a fan? Or better yet, a mousepad?

I’d agree that it depends very much on the type of business and the location. Where I am, there’s a large tourism industry, and anything tourism-related can probably benefit from flyers. People pick up leaflets whilst waiting for ferries, buses, or whatever, and study them to get an idea of places, services or events that might be of interest to them. I’m involved with local craft fairs, and also a cycle hire/repair business, and both of these benefit from distributing flyers.

But it’s definitely not an approach which will work for all sectors or locations.

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How can we use this traditional marketing tactic more effectively than ever before?

I don’t believe there are many - if any - industries that can use traditional brochures/flyers in a more effective way than ever before - that time is past. Even industries that are naturally served by such mediums are losing ground to digital resources (tourism and restaurants are getting apps and mobile sites - I’ve seen so many signs before at the entrances to tourist attractions or shopping centers or whatever - go online, or get our app directory…).

That’s not at all to say you can’t use those methods effectively - as @TechnoBear says - it depends on the type and location of the business. But more so than ever before? I think that battle is already lost.

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Try to make banner/flyer for digital promotion. You can use Google Adwords or Facebooks Ads for promote your business

Now that you mention it, it does work well in tourism areas. I remember, going to a diving center because I read their offers on a brochures.

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Be it brochure or flyer they both are form of traditional marketing.But to increase your business you have to use modern techniques to spread your business to larger number of people.This modern time is all about online market research and business tactics.It is about finding what are consumer’s needs.

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