Does Google penalize links with different anchor text and same url?


Does Google penalize building several links with different anchor texts but the same url when all of these links are in the same web page and are very close to each other (I mean, there’s almost no html code between the “<a href…” tags corresponding to all these links)?


I don’t think google will penalize you for this as long as your anchor text are relevant to landing pages.

But do not overdo it other wise it may look spammy.


when all of these links are in the same web page

When a page has several outgoing links to the same URL, only the first one is taken into account by search engines.

Only the anchor text (or ALT tag of the picture) of the first link is taken into account.

All the other anchor texts will be neglected. No penalization.

Exception: the different anchor texts might be taken into account if they concern different parts of the target page like here: and

First time I hear anything like this. Thanks for the insight.

As Jasmina says, from an SEO point of view, it makes no difference.

However, from a usability/accessibility point of view, it is usually a good idea to ensure that links to the same place have the same text, unless there’s a very good reason not to … otherwise it’s confusing for the reader who clicks on what looks like a fresh link only to find that it’s an old link in a new guise.

steve, i don’t think the seo guys want to hear that argument

they are looking for ways to pimp their sites, and they’re looking to score multiple different link text keywords for the same target url

readers are worth squat to seo people

content is king? not to seo experts – it’s all about keywork ranking in the serps

rudi, I live in hope that not everyone here is as blinkered as some. While the people asking the questions may only be interested in hearing about ways to pimp their sites and get themselves to the top of Google without any real work, I’m sure there are many lurkers here who are reading what we have to say and will take on board any words of wisdom that we have to offer. That’s why it’s important to keep bringing it back round to the truth, no matter how tiresome the opposition gets…

i live in hope

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Not at all, in seo keyword optimization we use same url on many of the keyword as anchor tag.

Google does not penalize use of same URL for link building on multiple keywords belonging to the same website.

When you say “it makes no difference”, what do you mean? Do you mean that it would be the same as including just one link on that web page with only one of the anchor texts because when you include more than one link with the same anchor text and different urls on the same page search engines ignore the second, third…links?


That’s what it means.

The additional links are only there for the benefit of the real visitors that you have reading the page. They should make the page more user friendly. There’s no point in having them there if they don’t help the visitor already on the page because they have no affect on helping find any page.

Yes it is bad, it basically called a combination of a spammed page with a lot of Keyword stuffing.

What is your evidence for this? There’s no indication that SE will ignore ensuiing links. Perhaps a devaluation x > but otherwise I’ve never seen evidence for this.

There is no problem for creating links in this way even if it is outside your website. Anchor text is based on our required keywords, no one can penalize us from this.