Does EMD was affect rankings?

Everyone know (EMD) - Exact Match Domains is this really affects SEO and Rankings?

When the domain matches the search query people you target would use to find what you offer, yes it significantly boosts your search ranking. Especially in Google I think.

Try for example the query whack a mole wheel and notice the ranking of
Then try whack a mole wheal and notice how that site’s ranking differs.
Compare some other slightly altered queries in other search engines.

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Google has reduced the significance of EMDs in rankings recently. From reading good articles on the topic, it seems that low quality EMDs (eg they use dashes, new generation extensions) are definitely not positive for the rankings, however some research suggests that exact match domains still work to a good extent.

As a web designer, we have created hundreds of websites and I do find that EMDs for business names and high volume keywords do seem to get more traffic in the long term than non EMDs.

It depends on what you are trying to do. If you are creating a blog, you need to have loads of quality content. Commercial SEO ranking is different than compared to blog or affiliate\review site.

Yes it matters. Sites using EMD can get more traffic on the long run. You can also try using expired domain names.

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