Does Apache support ASP?

I was wondering if Apache supported ASP?

If it does how do I install it?

If it doesn’t where can I get an (free) ASP enabled sever (for Win NT WkStation) (I’ve tried downloading the NT Option Pack to get PWS or IIS 4.0 but the download site is down!)

Do only MS servers support ASP?

Will the Win98 version of PWS work on Win NT WkStation?

I would really appreciate any help

No they do not, at the moment. However I remeber reading somewhere that they were working on it. Check out their web site They do support JSP, and PHP.

For some reason I thought that PWS came with NT 4.0 It’s been a while since I messed around with NT (I am a Linux man :slight_smile: ). I believe that PWS is just a cut version of the web server for NT but I can’t recall if it was MS server or PWS for NT.

As for PWS working on NT… I don’t know …


Apache does support ASP in some sort of way using a mod_perl module. I have never used or heard anything much about it but I know you can get it.

You can run Chillisoft ASP via apache on windows check out

I am not sure if you will have full ASP functionality - COM etc, under apache even on windows? but it works anyway.

ahhh free! - even though ASP and free rhyme… they dont if you know what I mean!
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I tried running Chili Soft ASP on Linux however after a while gave up trying it mainly because it didn’t seem to be running as smooth as ASP on NT. Lack of documentation sucks!!! Different databases supported creates compatibility problems.

You can give it a try, though.

thank you

I FINALLY found a new FREE server. It is called vWebServer ( and supports a scripting language called vASP :slight_smile: . This language is pretty much exactly the same as ASP :slight_smile: so Im using that.

How come there aren’t many small ASP servers around?

You need iAsp from Halcyon to use Asp on Apache.

PWS on Windows 98 is a cutdown version of IIS 4.0 for NT Server. If you install it (NT Option pack 4) on NT Workstation, some of the features are not available.

If you are installing it on Win 98, its recommended that you install it from the Win 98 CD, its in the Addons folder.

You may also get it here -

Also there are lots of free Asp hosts nowadays, check here for a list - and here

Only IIS/PWS support any ASP to speak of. ChiliSoft and the like don’t work very well. I tried it out before, it couldn’t handle a big program.

True. But at least Halcyon give away a free developers version so that Linux users (and more) can try it out.

The advantage of ASP is its integration with Internet Information Server (IIS) and other Microsoft technology. Its power comes from using VBScript and database linking. You can also use the FrontPage and InterDev Studio extensions. If you don’t have a handle on VBScript or VBasic, you might want to go in another direction.

I find the PWS works great as a staging server on my workstation (Win98) and is great for learning ASP.

If you’re going to be hosting on a non-MS web server, I think you want to look at other options, just to avoid potential conflicts.


try chilisoft asp.

Check out Apache::ASP Perl module ( ). While it certainly isn’t smart to code for ASP when you’re using Apache or any non-IIS webserver, this will likely satisfy your needs for a bit.