Does anyone knows what plugins to use on this

Hi,can I ask some help, I am creating Multilevel marketing,and I want to know what plugins to generate tree similar to this picture below.

Thank you in advance

Use js plumb , mx chart
i am working on same project


can you link me to mx chart…by the way js plumb the heirarchical chart,looks fine but the problem is the link,can I change that to simple line ?

Thank you in advance.

here it is
The orgchart that you want
if you need some more help coding related that you can ask me
actually i am working on same project


about the orgchart, can I load this dynamically ? base on the records of my database.

Yes you can
first of all understand the functionality of orgchart then do it its a bit hard
google it for flow chart there is lot of plug ins
the plugins i give you is the best one


Since you already done using this plugins,which one you suggest for Multilevel marketing. ?

Thank you in advance.

Use any one all are the best one
but JS plumb and mx graph is good one one thing remember carefully read the instruction and example when you down load the mx graph
ok good luck its bit hard but very interesting

Ok thank you.

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