Does anyone know how to add a link to an image that has been posted to Facebook?

Am obviously able to ad a link as a post and it will show thumbnails. However, do to the small size of the image, the impact (Engagement) seems to be lower. Therefore, I want to add the picture directly to a post. Now, instead of being directed to the album if someone clicks on the image, I want the click to lead to an external source. Does anyone know whether that is possible? If yes, how?

I think it is not possible to give link on image because images hosted on Facebook severs. Facebook automatically create a link when you upload images on Facebook. And i haven’t seen that if we click on image then directly redirect to other website basically they redirect us to album or image section.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re after here … are you saying that you want to be able to link directly to the picture on Facebook? Or you want to embed the full-size image from Facebook into your page? What platform are you using here?

Post the picture with the link in the description. Clicking on the picture will not take you to the website, that’s not an option on Facebook, but people will see your link and can click from the feed or from the picture view.

Maybe try to be a little bit more straight?

If the external source is another page, you can “share” it and it wont be thumbnail so the engage rate will be higher.

If you want to share a picture from, then no, it can only be thumbnail.

Facebook don’t like to have any images/links/videos/whatever going outside of FB. The more you stay on FB, the more money they make, so they like you being there.

Now does it makes sense why the engage rate is lower with small (pointing to external source) images?

I don’t think that possible. I could be wrong. But what I do is that I post links on the image description area. Or when you make comments on that image, post the link there.

Only post image from upload photo from your drive or take a photo with a webcam. Otherwise, you cannot be able to post the external source image.

So you want to post an image to facebook which will display in full-screen (just like a photo post) but when users click on it instead of going to the album it would go directly to an external source (such as your website), right? Well, the answer is technically impossible because Facebook does not allow so.

As I know, we can not give direct a website link to the image on facebook.