Document Expired?

When I hit the back button in my browser I get this…

Document Expired

This document is no longer available.

The requested document is not available in Firefox’s cache.As a security precaution, Firefox does not automatically re-request sensitive documents.Click Try Again to re-request the document from the website.

What is causing that?!

(I am REALLY FREAKED OUT that I made a poor Design Decision and now all of my code is for not?!) :frowning:


This happens when you back up onto a form submission (POST data) that is not in cache. It’s a security measure in Firefox.

So what does that mean to me?! :-/

(Short of seeing all of my code…) Is there a problem with how I coded my pages?

Do I have any Security Issues/Concerns?

Should I have code to prevent this or handle it better?

Or is this just par for the course on the web?


Was your previous page submitted via a POST or a GET? it’s totally normal if it was submitted via POST

All of my pages use POST, but I was just going from index.php to create_account.php (via page header) to log_in.php (via page header) to reset_password.php back to log_in.php when I got the error.


Debbie, did you manually set a $_POST variable when you were developing and forgot to remove it, so even if you do navigate via the address bar you would still end-up posting a value?


Not sure if I follow you?

(Maybe this would be easier to help me with once I have my Release #2 post up on the web so you can do testing yourself in your own browser?!)

Here is how my Forms are typically coded…

	// *************************************************************
	// HANDLE FORM.																								 *
	// *************************************************************
		// Form was Submitted (Post).

		// Initialize Errors Array.
		$errors = array();

		// Trim all form data.
		$trimmed = array_map('trim', $_POST);

		// ************************
		// Validate Form Data.		*
		// ************************

		// Check Email.
		if (empty($trimmed['email'])){
			// No Email.
			$errors['email'] = 'Enter your E-mail address.';
			// Email Exists.
			$email = $trimmed['email'];

		// Check Password.
		if (empty($trimmed['pass'])){
			// No Password.
			$errors['pass'] = 'Enter your Password.';
			// Password Exists.
			$pass = $trimmed['pass'];