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Following a tutorial that uses a different docker-compose.yml file per production & development.
just curious what that exclamation icon before my production file means?
It looks like a warning, bu t I’m not sure of what…

It is the icon of the YAML language


ok, I was getting worried. I understood the whales, but as a UI experience… are they just excited to be using YML? even just throwing a fork in the top of the exclamation could make it look more like a y.
What about the whale being red or blue… I’m sure that makes a difference to, is that because it’s the capitalized Dockerfile?, or docker-compose.yml is a keyword to be in red?

It takes concepts from other languages ​​like XML

There’s no documentation anywhere that you missed reading?

Instead of looking only at the "explorer"pane, Look closely at the other panes, eg. “terminal”. Does that give you any clues?

You can change your icon set. I’m pretty sure I changed mine and it’s not an exclamation mark. 33%20AM

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I knew it was a yml file… that wasn’t the question. The icon makes it look like something is out of order. I’ve been following docker tutorials… none of them mentioned what icon yml should look like.

That’s because there is no standard. Each editor can implement their own icon. And in editors that support multiple themes each theme can define their own icon as well. Apperantly in you current configuration the icon is an exclamation mark. But I’m sure if you use a different IDE the icon will be different too.

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