Do you work from home?

I was talking with friends in the weekend about the pros and cons of working from home. I only head to the office once every 6 weeks (because it’s in another country) and I love the flexibility that working from home gives me. My boyfriend on the other hand, finds it really hard. He likes to have people around to bounce ideas off. He goes to a co-working space one day a week, but even that doesn’t really satisfy in the same way that working on a project with other people around you does. Do you guys work from home?

I always cherish the [rare] opportunities that arise for me to telecommute. My work location is 70 miles from my home. But much of the work I do - for the US Air Force - must take place in a classified environment.
So, only when I am working on a special project or preparing a new Developer Course to teach remotely am I afforded the flexibility.

Daily, I drive 2+ hours to work (and then home again).

I am also doing my blogs work at my home. This is my side business.

I’ve worked from home for the last 30 years. For me, the most difficult aspects are:

(i) Convincing friends that, just because I am at home, it doesn’t mean I’m not working;

(ii) Convincing clients that, just because I am at home, it doesn’t mean I am working;

(iii) Forcing myself to get some exercise and fresh air every day.

I eventually solved (i) and (ii) by getting separate phone numbers and email addresses for business and personal use.

I’m still working on (iii).


Yup. I’m the same. Especially #1 & #2. And neither are intentional, just a perception.

I find I can work from home VERY effectively a day at a time, then there’s a decreasing return on investment.

Yes I’m doing side business from the home as data entry operator.

I do and I don’t.

When I’m doing web development work or such like then I work from my office at home.
However, I also have a job as a network admin at the local uni and I teach English to some German engineers, both of which force me to leave the house and speak to people.

I much prefer working from home as I can choose my own hours (within reason) and I find I can organise myself much better (and am consequently more productive).
I also go running quite often and am a member of a gym, so I don’t find lack of exercise to be a problem.
What is a problem, however, is answering questions on SitePoint when I am meant to be working :slight_smile:

Ouch! My commute is a 4 hour flight, hence the monthly visits.

Haha, I know what you mean. I used to have the same problem, until they put me on the payroll!

Yep - been working from home for about 10 years now. Still go an meet clients though - which is nice. Exercise uber important when you’re largely desk bound - just got back from a swim to break up the day :slight_smile: Haven’t been on SP for some time, so 'elli old faces :wink:


I’ve worked from home (and I still do apart from my office work, that’s why I have so little time) and I had the same problem and more… mainly is trying to organize myself and keep a routine.

Basically, it seems that everybody thinks (and that included me :lol: ) that you can change your schedule because you have certain flexibility. But that’s not true.

As I said, I’m guilty of that too even to myself… especially when I forgot to do the shopping (it happens to me from time to time. Surprising, I know, but true. And when I find that I have nothing for lunch in the fridge I gotta go and run to buy some stuff)

I work from home too; the hardest thing for me is concentration. I can be working for a good solid hour and then the next hour gets messed up because I keep flicking through youtube videos or reading some interesting article on the web lol.

I have also been working from home for the last 5 years. It works great for me because I love the flexibility it gives me.

Flexible work hours is such a huge advantage but it could also be a disadvantage. The moment I get so caught up about having that privilege, the more I tend to slack, be lazy and unproductive.

Discipline is the key. Lots of it. There are also a lot of tools to recreate the “office” environment. So, no worries about not getting to interact with people (though not personally all the time).

Continuing on your discussion about the pros and cons of working from home, here are some advantages of working with a virtual team:

I’m sure those who have been telecommuting or part of virtual teams have experienced at least one or two of those in the list.

Hardy! It’s great to see you. What brings you back round these parts?

Hey Sarah! Getting all serious about work again. Just bagged a nice pad in Thailand that’s punching above my weight - time to stop backpack development and do some proper dev :smiley:

This place has always got the creative juices flowing, so to speak. Loving the new forum layout btw - very slick :slight_smile:

I just seen who posted this! Long time no see… and glad that you still remember this place :lol:

Looks like you’re having a great time, though :smiley:

Can’t complain - life pretty good at the moment! Even loving my work environment :wink: Good to see there are still some old faces around, look forward to meeting the new ones as well

That’s the good discussions about working from home,looks like everybody is having a great time.Nowadays part time jobs are also giving the best benefits and many people are involved in this types of work and earning a lot.

Working from Home needs High Dedication and self motivation hence you can work with same discipline.

Do I go into an office or work someone else? No.
Do I visit clients on a regular schedule outside of my home? Heck Yes. I don’t like staying at home too long, and like getting out. It’s healthier.

Good to see you back :slight_smile: