Do you use categories?

there are many things that we take for granted because of the way a lot of blogs are set up by default. one of those is the calendar archive in the sidebar - no one uses it, yet it’s on many themes.

but i’m wondering if categories are necessary for a personal blog? i started using a tagging module and i think this might make more sense than categories. obviously you want to give your readers as many options as possible, but at some point it becomes a lot of extra work to manage all your sorting options. a lot of posts overlap in category, and if you have to pick one or two then it starts to complicate the process of blogging.

do you think that your users make heavy use of category links?

Hi Mrtunes,

I use a category option on my blog but also the tags too - from our experiences and the feedback from our visitors they find the category page really useful and can easily access what they are looking for quite quickly. We have an archive & category page, both are pretty popular.

Overall, it seems to work for us and I would suggest it if you have alot of content that you really want to file as quickly as possible!


Category is specially helpful when a blog have various topics involved. In that case yes categories are really helpful! If the blogger is limited to few topics there is no use of it! Also if the blogger has various topics that comes under one Home Category, lets say “Internet Marketing” then we need to choose based on the Traffic!

Yes I do use the categories, because i’ve a blog that is based on various topics and it is necessary to categorize them, or else it’s a complete mess. And in a way it is good to have categories, you can manage your blog well this way.

I use categories because are really helpful. They make blogs more organized and they allow users to easily find what they’re looking for.

Presently, I don’t. I’ve just got one overall ‘blog’ category, but I make extensive use of tags.

I’m planning on using categories a bit more though, because at the moment, old posts are getting lost too easily.

I’ll keep the top level ‘Blog’ category, then add some subcategories, as I’m planning, in the near future, on adding some other top-level categories with special formatting (specifically a ‘Photography’ category, which will be very much photo based, and will need special formatting.

I’ll be looking at a category-based archive too, with a definitive, alphabetical list of every previous post.

categories are very helpful for easy navigation… how about archives? are they not that useful?

thanks for the replies! moober: i haven’t used archives in the past, but after seeing them on some sites i think they can work really well.

in my website i do use categories. i have categories for news, photos, videos, and audio

Categories are very search engine friendly. When you use Categories in your blog, there is a link on every one of your pages to your categories. Think about this: would you rather be #1 in the search engines for March 2003, or for green widgets, one of the main keywords of your site?
By using the Category feature, you will eventually have hundreds of pages on your site with links to green widgets, black widgets, and orange widgets. All those backlinks to those keywords can result in much higher search engine rankings.

The more ways you give people to find your content, the more people will find it.