Do you know the difference between an Emoticon and an Emoji?

I feel a little stupid, but I’ve only just noted the difference between emoticons and emojis. I thought the words were interchangeable, but I’ve only just realized that emoticons are made up of keyboard characters, while emojis are the actual image equivalents.

Personally, I prefer the text versions (the emoticons) as I like simplicity. So I prefer :-) to :slight_smile: , and where can you find an emoji as good as this? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Which do you prefer, and why? What are some of your favorite emoticons?

And did you know that the Oxford Dictionary picked an emoji as its “word of the year” for 2015? I can’t say that makes me :joy:, tbh.


Now I feel stupid. I’ve always thought that emoticons were always the images and emojis were the text.


Cool. I’m glad I’m not alone. :p

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Have you seen Kim Kardashian’s emojis? It’s about big butts, hooters, and party related. Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s adult related Kim Kardashian emojis.

Hah, no … and I’m not super sure I want to. :D

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Although some in the higher range don’t have good browser support, I’m rather fond of unicode they can often be more easily colored and sized eg





I actually had made this same mistake a while ago when working on a plugin. I used the term emoticons when it was truly emojis. In fact, I think I had it named properly, was convinced to rename it and now I have to rename it back at some point. lol


Or just call them smilies and be done with it. Errmm, or maybe not.

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Ah yes, Unicode is a nice option, too. Often the best of both worlds.

From what I read, “smiley” (pl smilies / smileys) is normally another word for emoticon, and not for emoji.

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A while back another board I use to frequent changed their set of emojis. My complaints went unheard, so I decided to use emoticons instead. :confused: Wait, I think it’s actually the very emoji set as on this board, haha!

Anyway, I wasn’t aware of that distinction either. So thanks for that @ralphm! :~)

Heh, yes, that happened here, too, when we switched platforms. Quite a few members still pine for the old vBulleting emojis. Indeed, some people still use them here. :smiley:

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Who? Where?

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I didn’t know the difference until a few weeks ago.

I’m still trying to find a smiley with a rotating head, The Exorcist style

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Just noticed I have my own smiley


See - there were just so many good ones on vBulletin which are missing on Discourse.

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prefer emojis, a lot easier!

Thank you.Glad to learn this. Personally, I prefer emojis. They are more like a face and deliver expressions no less than emoticons. Maybe, because I’m childlike. Children always love picture stuff. :joy:

I still call them all Smiley.

Me too… And feel super confident to say it out loud here…:stuck_out_tongue:

I like emojis… wink (written word) would never look as good as the emoji itself.