Do You Know Of Any Good, Simple Php Web Proxy Server Script?

Fellow Php Lovers,

About a fortnight ago, I was searching for a free or gpl web proxy script. A lot came-up and I was lost to choose between them.
Are you aware of any good php coded one that a newbie can glance over and understand the code for work experience ?
Ignore Glype and Mini Proxy.
Mini Proxy code seems too complicated. Even expert php programmers are not finding it that easy to where to add link tracking code. I added code onto it and not only did it start tracking link clicks on all proxified pages but it also started tracking every img files that gets loaded onto the proxified page. That is not what I wanted. Example, you are on a certain page of ebay. A proxified page. I’d want this page to be logged into my mysql db. But the problem is, all the imgs on this page also get logged. Meaning, the img files get logged. Don’t want that to happen. I know, I will have to add regex to sort this but I’m no good with regex and so I reckon MiniProxy was coded in a way that is not really suitable for my needs. Hence, on the lookout for another proxy server php script. If you know of any or come across a php script which is simple to understand and learn from and simple to update then don’t forget this thread.

Doesn’t matter if the script is not written in php aslong as it is written in cURL.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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