Do you have any idea how can i promote our Bingo affiliate program?


I need some help, i want to promote our Bingo affiliate program. Do you have some ideas how i can promote our affiliate program. Please let me know the best and effective ways that i can opt to promote our program. Thanks in advance!!

Before this descends into the inevitable descending spiral of mindless buzzword bingo (ha…pun.) …maybe a little more information can help refine your answers…

What have you already tried? What was effective and what wasn’t?
What exactly is this ‘Bingo affiliate program’? Is it an online program (if so, what sort of online program)? How do people using the program communicate with one another?
What’s your target audience?

Thanks for your reply @m_hutley Here’s my affiliate program that i want to promote: removed

Please check and let me know, Also my target audience is casino, bingo and gambling related.

Are you looking to build an affiliate web page to promote it?

No, i’m not looking for building any page, i want to know how can i promote my bingo affiliate program, if you have ways in your mind, do let me know. I’ll really appreciate.

  • Google Ads
  • related forums on web regarding casino/gambling
  • Reddit related sub pages

It is as simple as searching for keywords, sign up in forums and build your image. Put your link in signature, profile etc.

Actually this program is related to Gambling and casino, which is banned in some countries (So SEO part is difficult for this niche, Also Adwords and Facebook are also not letting me run the ads)

As the OP is no longer with us there is no point in continuing the topic.

Topic closed.

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