Do you drink tea or coffee?

Me I drink green since I heard that it may loose weight and can fight cancer. How about you?

Nothing beats water :slight_smile:

Do you prefer water ? Boil it first !

I drink neither Coffee or Tea, never have. Water is what I mostly drink. I’ve had coffee drinkers tell me that the cost to drink it each day is not cheap.

I dont drink either of them.It becomes a huge addiction later.

I much prefer to drink coffee. It has been my routine every morning to make coffee. I cannot miss the whole day without coffee.

CI prefer to drink tea than coffee but not a hot tea. Cold Tea instead.

Green Tea as being for good health.

Ked :slight_smile:

At this moment, I’ trying Clipper greesn tea with Echinacea(“a suberb tea from a single Fairtrade estate,enhanced with echinacea root , and natural citrus flavours”)
Not really to my taste… think I shall a cup of Twinings breakfast tea.

I am from china, Tea is my Favorite

The winter is away…a hot coffee is wonderful !

You’re so lucky, I’d like to be always awake…

Tea, Coffee keeps me awake always

You can’t beat a good cup of tea. Strong and sweet is best. Anytime of the day or night.

Nope, it’s just regular espresso coffee. It’s the little brewing doo dad and the name that are the only special things about it.

The brew-dad, some espresso, some sweetened condensed milk, a coffee cup, a glass of ice and a spoon for stirring. That’s it.
I recommend making the coffee really strong & using a crap load of condensed milk. Caffeine and sugar wallop. Woot!

If you wind up engaging in male prostitution to support your crack coffee habit, don’t blame me!

The amount of coffee I drink is somewhat insane, so I just guzzle moderately priced coffee black usually.

Second on my list is Timmy Ho’s, 3 cream 3 sugar.

#1 is Vietnamese iced coffee with entirely too much condensed milk in it. I call it crack coffee, and I could easily jack my consumption up to like $20 a day worth (and that’s making it myself). I avoid it most of the time.

Is it a Vietnamese coffee ? I’d like to taste it .

i prefer tea to coffee

I usually drink coffee but sometimes tea is a good change up

Alright, guys and gals, it’s been fun!
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