Do u agree email marketing is one of the most important tool for internet marketing?

Hi all,

As stated in the thread title, do you think building an email list is one of the most important yet underestimated tool for today’s internet marketers ?

Newbie here, so just wanted to get some opinions … I asked because someone told me before its not that important … But I kinda thought otherwise because I do think its very important ( Its like a must have tool ) … What is your take on this ?

Thank you so much, will appreciate some clarification.

Yes and no.

No if you’re e-mail the addresses bought to a third party or sending your info through a third party.

Yes if it is a opt-in e-mail list that you built yourself. That could be extremely powerful since these people opt-in because of the content you offered, or the products you sell. They are already interested on what you have to say.

No if you have already tired your recipients. Do remember that when they opt-in for the first time, they’re interested on whatever you want to say. As they receive more and more e-mails from you, people will simply tend to ignore your e-mail (maybe because they don’t have the time for what you offered, because they found a competitor that looked at least as interesting as your company, because life got in the middle, because they’re not into whatever topic you talk about anymore, or any other thousand reasons) and send it to the bin. And, of course, even if there’s no other reason… they will simply do it because the grew tired of you.

That’s why knowing your customers and what they’re interested and a long etc. is so important.

I’d partially agree with Molona. This is because, if a mail recipient either your prevailing customer or the one who is about to be your consumer once got impressed with the design and the content management in it (say, either placing an effective and attractive content that lets the readers to focus on the major highlights, placing of the social media links and offers, videos, etc)

Certainly, if a person finds the email to be better more than the usual ones saying that “We offer you…” and advertising several web links will always be drawn out from the picture and lets the readers to get unsubscribed. But, once the user finds it to be worthy and useful, he/she will keep on a track with the upcoming mails for sure.

Henceforth, dragging the number of users to a service relies on how we do the marketing effectively. The ratio would be 50:50. Once your mail response seems to be finer then its up to you to increase the ratio on doing email-marketing.

Everyone definitely agrees with the notion that flooding the inbox of your prospect is not at all a good idea. The current scenario of internet marketing revolves around the quality in the content, if your email marketing campaign is not assisting your prospects to learn something new related to their interest, they are never going to read or look into your content. Moreover, it may de-repute your organization for having lack of user engagement.
Also, excess of everything is bad, as all of us know. The same thing applies in email marketing as well, send small and briefed email with maximum information in limited content. This gains the attention of your prospect and can earn your reputation eventually.


I agree with a lot of things the others are saying. I would like to add that in my opinion, there is no “most important” tactic for online marketing or marketing of any kind. You have to think about your audience and not every tool is going to be good for every business’s audience. I think often, email marketing is an important part of an overall campaign, especially if email is central to your product or service anyway (i.e. if someone is supposed to receive your service through email). I don’t think however it is either important or unimportant in general. Its another tools that you can use to get exposure for yourself.

Saying email marketing is the most important is like saying buying ad space at a major league baseball game is the most important thing you can do. That would only begin to be true if your target market went to baseball games. If your target market is not using email that much, you may want to concentrate your efforts elsewhere.

Here is a pretty good post on why email is still important,



If you have a website you need to build a list. That’s how important it is, so yes it’s important as much as making sure you renew your domain name :slight_smile:
Why it is important?

Because without it you have to spend more money to get more traffic, it has unlimited profit potential just by putting a simple optin box or popover on your website.

yes i agree that email marketing is one of the most important tech in promoting your site.

if you site is new and you are in need of promoting your site then surely you need to do email marketing as one of the technique in promoting your site.

I dont say that this is the only tech to build the traffic but i can that this is one of the tech among rest of the tech in increasing your traffic.

I do believe email marketing is still one of the most important tools for marketers. According to a survey, 66% of respondents indicated they made a purchase based upon a promotional email, compared to just 20% for Facebook and even less for text messaging. Email still drives consumers to take action, whether it’s a sale or some other engagement with the brand.

Here is a good article on the various benefits of email marketing:

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Molona has a good answer there. It’s a mix of merits and demerits.

What was started off with good intentions perhaps became too popular and is being exploited for marketing. You had to keep your subscribers informed about the latest on your sites and emails are the best way to do it - it is professional, direct and credible. But now it is mostly seen as something that spams inboxes.

What I would suggest however is, to still go for email marketing but adopt ways to make sure it looks credible. Let it come from a instead of say etc. No flashy images and videos and many links. Give them the news like how you would on a Gmail composer, with decent enough formatting. There are ways to do that with several email software. This way, you could avoid making it look like spam. When you do this, you get back the credibility that email marketing lost somewhere down the line. When credibility happens again, email marketing is a powerful tool.

Yes. Email marketing is the most important tool for internet marketing. But it is beneficial only when you have your id and you are a part. Otherwise when you do marketing through third party then it is not beneficial.


Direct Marketing Association report says that $1 invested in email marketing brings you back like $43 from sales. This is though, just an average result, you can earn much more but that depends on your products.

E-consultancy made Email Marketing Industry Census 2013 report which shows that 66% of marketers consider email marketing as form of online ad with great ROI (Return on Investment) indicator. Only SEO is more effective than mailing.