Do shared posts get less impressions?

I am admin of two facebook pages. Page B has lots of followers and is used to promote page A. I often create photo albums on page A and share the photos on page B.
Will I necessarily get more views and shares if I post the photos and created the albums on page B? In my experience this is not obvious. However, the owner of Page B tells me that I should post directly from his page and I’ll get more views.

Is this correct?

FOr a page , no of people talking about the page matters, not the no of likes. If a page has 4000 total likes and 3000 talking about that page is much better than 10000 likes and 300 talking about that.Prefer to share your photos with a page which has more people talking about. Also facebook limited the the post reach in last 2 years. Before that if we share a content in page we will get more likes and shares. Now-a-days facebook users are (almost 70-80%) prevented in viewing the shared content now there is no way we should use Promote posts or should use facebook ads. You can find some advertising tips here in facebook-advertising-tips/

Thanks Rajaa,
I understand about likes that they aren’t as important as other metrics. But in this case Page B has more likes AND more people talking about the page. My question was; If page B wants to promote Page A, should it share an image about page A uploaded onto page A or upload the same Image onto page B and sharing it like that. I’m told that sharing from another page gets less views. On the other hand, if the photos where uploaded onto page A, then viewers who do click through be able to navigate to other images on page A. I’m not sure if yoiu answered the question. Did you?

Both the cases yield results depending on the how catchy Image or the title of the share was. I guess there are no much difference in uploading A’s image into Page B and sharing or Sharing A’s image directly to Page B, unless both Pages has audience of same taste. I answered your question now i guess

Thanks. Your answer makes sense. But I’ve been told by the creaters of promotional pages that are offering to promote my page (page A above) that I will get more views if I give him the image to upload onto his page than if I set them up in an album on my page and have him share it. I’m wondering if he has an agenda to have the content on his page and that’s why he is saying this.

Always be careful for such an offers. They might upload your creativity in their page and get their site more popular. Make sure your copyrighted those images. Always have an eye on the shared content in other pages if they do anything illegal you can report it to facebook. Hope my idea helps

This is my first time to hear someone say valuable about fb pages. this makes perfect sense as you can gauge whether or not people are interested with your page. I haven’t thought of this. How do you get people to interact? usually, I have the assumption that people ignore my shares as I don’t get comments nor likes. Yeah, it sucks. I’m not referring to a personal page, but biz page.

I’m talking about two pages of very similar interests. In general there is good engagement of page a on page b, I’m just wondering if there is something systemic that reduces the exposure of shared posts ss opposed tonnage ones