Do SEO for my new page link?

Right now, i’m add a new link in my existing website. SO please tell me how to do SEO work for this link step by step (first to last all step).

I’ve temporarily unlisted your question as it is unclear what you are asking.

By “a new link”, do you mean that you have added a new page?

yes. add a new page.

Then you simply treat it like every other page on your site.

You can use “fetch as Googlebot” from Search Console to ensure Google can find and crawl the page, but if it’s been properly created and linked, there should be no need for that. Search engines will find it when they next crawl your site.

Thank you TechnoBear
Your continuously reply is help me a lot.

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How can i seen that new page link is affect my website’s ranking or not.
i means how much website ranking result goes up from this link which i recently add.

What do you mean by “my website’s ranking”?

If you mean where your site appears in search results, then each page is treated separately, and is assessed separately for each search query. So your site may have an excellent page on blue widgets, which ranks very highly in search results, and a mediocre page on green whatnots that only appears a long way down in the results. The position of one page does not influence the other.

Search engines do not “rank” sites; they try to return the search results which most closely match the query.

Tools like Google Search Console can offer data about the average position of a site’s pages over time.
Though it may not be clear what the cause of changes in position are, though they may coincide with changes you make. The effect of a single page to the overall average to all pages may not be significant, depending on the number of pages you have.

First of all you have to update meta tag at the page according to page Information (services ).

Like others saying, you need to treat it as a new page/link. share it on your social media, mention it on forums, submit some articles to other sites and have a link point back to your new page/link.
It is going to take quite some time and work. But make sure do not spam those places. Eventually, it will work its way out.

Try to do index them. send fatch request to google from console and do social media activities

The OP is asking about SEO. While social media may help to drive traffic, it will have no direct effect on SEO. Most social networks mark user-submitted links nofollow in accordance with Google’s guidelines.

Reputable forums (such as this one) do likewise. In any case, forums are a place for discussion, not for link-dropping or self-promotion, and trying to use them in this way may well result in a ban.

Links which you can place yourself are regarded as all-but worthless by search engines, and placing links with the intention of manipulating search results is a violation of their guidelines which may lead to your site being penalised.

Yes if you want to see your website appear in Google just by searching service that your website provides.One more thing keywords that you used is to be of related with your website services