Do people only look at page 1 and 2 of Google Search Results


The website is ranking on page 5 but no hits for a popular search term.

I thought page 5 would be enough to get some hits. It is a search term that will have 1,000’s hits. Are people only clicking on results on the first and second page?


How often you you get as far as page 5 when searching for something?

I would imagine that depends very much of the person doing the search, and what they’re searching for. I don’t think there’s a single one-size-fits-all answer.

I know that I only go past page 2 if I am really searching for something, but otherwise it’s usually only 1 page with 2 pages being the max.

I’d suggest that if you’re not getting any clicks it could be that the information in your link doesn’t answer the searchers question enough for them to click on it.

Personally I often skip the first few pages of search results - the ones Google gives me on pages 1,2,3 are usually the same old sites I see - digging deeper can reveal some good sites you’d otherwise not find.

About 90% of users don’t pass the first page if I remember correctly.

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For me, how deep into the SERPs I go depends on what I’m looking for and how good the results I’m getting are.
I think I’m usually fairly good at using search terms so that I’ll get better results. But there are times I’ll go a few pages in, maybe 5 to 10, before I give up and try changing the search terms to “fine tune” the results.

When you say “page 5”, that is relative to the search terms used. Use search terms that are less precise and more common and the page could come up later, use search terms that are more precise and less common and the page could come up earlier.


Well, it will depend upon the researcher, if they get the best result for their query maybe they will visit page 1 and 2. But sometime the user trying to get deeper from searching to gain lots of resource.

thanks - I’ll try and rank better - its a new website so hopefully over time it will climb the google ranking

Yeah, almost 55% people only search their result in First and second page. If they don’t find it then they try searching by another keyword.

It really depends on the keyword, but there are users clicking even on page 20, but of course it is a rare case.

most people only search on page 1. There’s this internet saying that “Page 2 of Google is the best way to hide something”. That’s why SEO nowadays are very very important and rampant because most people specially those who has least internet knowledge because it’s very important to take your page up to the first.

As far as I know when a search is submitted, the search engine also receives information about the user’s browser, country, operating system, previous search history and many other relevant details all of which are used to determine the results.

Since the forum has many global users, may I suggest a search on about five obscure keywords and asking user’s to report the desired web page position. User’s should also report other personal details such as their country and operating system.

Try this search:

tent orange bicycle bacon shedding

And the targeted web page:

My results for Thailand, Safari browser, iPad mini and a Google search was was position 23

Similar for me.
Massachusetts US, Safari, iPad Pro, Google - 22

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