Do Meta Engines Get Permission From The Searchengines To Display Their Results?

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I have a few questions for you regarding meta engines and I need your intelligent inputs! :winky:
I was researching on the top 10 meta engines by reading their reviews and I hardly came across any that uniquely differed from the others or stood out from the crowd. Apart from & who allow you to privately search without being tracked.

I’m thinking of starting a project to build one. But, I don’t want to re-invent the wheel by building just another usual meta engine. Has to be unique in some way and so any suggestions welcome from the features point of view.
I am thinking of building one that ranks the links based on how many meta engine referred visitors are visiting the links. Meaning, based on visitor count. Visitors sent by the meta engine. I think from a users point of view, they’d want to visit the crowded links first just like in real life we visit the crowded offline stores over the less crowded ones.
I have some more features but I’m not bothered now to mention them. Just incase you all get bored.

Anyway, I have one question that is bugging me, lately. These meta engines, they show results from more than one searchengine. Right ? Show from Google, Yahoo, etc. But when they do that, do they not breach copyright law ? I don’t think these meta engines go around asking permissions from the traditional searchengines whether they can display their search results to their (meta engine’s) users. Now do they ? Or, maybe the traditional searchengines don’t care whether the meta engines ask for their permissions or not prior to listing their results because they are happy they are getting the traffic from these meta engines ? What do you think ?

I have to make sure, I stay on the safe-side of the law. And no. I can’t be running off to a lawyer when everytime a serious question arises in my mind. I’ll go bankrupt! Just looking for answers based on basic common sense.

Thanks! :smiley:

Maybe this well written blog post is applicable:


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