Do I need to set up a database?


I’m planning a new website which will be a local meeting place for tradesmen and customers.

The idea is that the tradesmen can join and submit their cv then the clients who get in touch and use their services can submit a review after the job is done . (Thus adding to the tradesman’s cv )

My question is will I need to set up a database to do this and if so how should I go about this ?

Thanks in advance


I’ve just oredered “Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MySQL” hopefully that’ll give me a starting point.

Yes, that concept practically screams DATABASE!!

I often prefer to write my own apps from the ground up over trying to find something and learning how to tweak it. More typing but less work.

But not always. As the saying goes there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

I can’t really see where WordPress would fit all that well, but I definately think BuddyPress would be worth taking a look at.

I’ve been thinking about how I would go about it. I think you will want a database too. But I like using databases so I’m biased. But you may also want to use filesystem functions to read/write files too.

I guess it depends if you want search functionalty. For example, if my CV has
Location: Massachusetts USA
Skillset: HTML CSS
Availability: Part-time
etc etc. havng a single file won’t be as efficient as a database for someone looking for “England HTML Javascript Full-time”

Can you give an outline of what the typical user process would entail?

Use mysql + php - there are lots of tutorial out there and LOTS of help.
I wouldn’t do it any other way… If you start something start it right :slight_smile:

Been going round in circles trying to get my head round how to best make a start on this !!

Would the book “Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MySQL” give me enough information to do this or would I be better off looking at a CMS like wordpress/buddy press ?


Thanks, thats what I feared !!

Hi thanks very much for taking the time to help out.

I’m thinking thet the “tradesmen” would have their resumes online on my page.

The cliend would then be able to search for their location ie:

county / city /area

then " skill" for example carpenter

then all the registered carpenters in the selected area would appear as a list with a brief resume .

the client can then review the tradesmen, see their full resume and send a message to one of them via my site to organise the job.

once the job is done they can give a review of their experience with this tradesman which is then added to his cv along with a rating for other users to see when they are looking for someone.

The tradesman could also add examples of projects that they have done to improve their cv.

if you create a client account then you can contact any “tradesman” whereas the tradesmen can only contact a client once theyve been added as a “friend” so to speak (ie to stop internal spamming)

Thats the basic idea. The more I think about it the more it seems that its gonna work like a kinda mini facebook.

I think you are going to need a database. Mysql / php will do whatt you want, though you will have a bit of a learning curve to get this done, but I’m sure the nice people on sitepoint will be eager to help.