Do bots read vcards who are hosted on the server?

Don’t know if its the right forum for the question, but:

i ask myself if bots fetch vcards. I have a vcard on the server
and link to it that the visitors can import it to outlook, windows contacts and so on.
But that means that bots also can grab the vcf file and pull the email adress - right?


i wonder that i can’t find an answer with google.
If we build hcards and but our email in, every robot can fetch it.
So making an inline image of the email-address makes no sense in hcards cause
“Microformats for Google Chrome” or “Operator for FX” or “Technoratis vCard - H2VX” can’t read it.

Same with JavaScript. If we encode it so it’s only visible if JavaScript is on, then we have the encoded email
in the vCard if we use the tools above.

So there is allot about Microformats out there, but who rights his email-address in plain
text on his site?

If somebody wrote one to do so then it’s feasible they could extract the details.

You’d think not many people who are security aware would write their email in plain text. Though you would be surprised how many businesses do or at least should we say; most just use a mailto: I’d suspect there are far more pre-packaged generic spam robots designed to harvest and trawl normal webpages for mail. That in most cases many haven’t thought of vCard but I’d suspect some scrapers are out there that do target them.

How do we know?
Do you know? *lol

To i get you right? You think most robots look for the mailto tag and not for the @?

I know that allot of stuff some people do don’t work - like writing “[at]” instead of “@”.
Robots are to smart today for simple things like [at]. There are robots who read captchas…

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I’d suspect some trawl for both @ and mailto: because usually the mailto: functions as a working hyperlink so doesn’t need to display the same text as is seen via the browser.

I’d suspect some trawl for both @ and mailto

Thats what i think also.

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