Do all universities assign .edu email addresses? (I want to allow only edu addresses)

I am developing an application that will be limited to users at colleges/universities, and I want to prevent non-university users from registering, to the extent possible. Since users have to provide a valid email address when registering, I could require them to use a “.edu” address (the user has to click a link in a confirmation email to complete registration).

The question is: do all colleges/universities in the United States issue “.edu” email addresses to their students and faculty members? I would settle for 99% or higher. But if only, say, 80% do, then I would not implement this requirement since I would lose too many potential users.

Thanks in advance.


Major Universities, I would venture that’s probably a pretty good assumption. But community colleges, not necessarily (I’m 90% sure our local doesn’t, and it’s got four branch campuses).

Add in the fact that you can keep your edu address after you graduate (I still get email from mine, and I graduated almost 20 years ago), and I’m not sure of the usefulness of that restriction…

It was a good enough filter for facebook back in the day so I’d run with it.

The universities around here use domains and so does TAFE. Some of the community colleges do as well while others use

None of them use .edu domains.

Yes, it’s a good point about international universities. If you’re only targetting the US then .edu is probably a safe bet. However, if you are appealing to an international audience you won’t be able to use that restriction.