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I am not sure if this is the correct category to ask this question but I did find the more relevent.

I am trying to connect my internet IP with a sub domain, I tried DNS Setting and used my Internet IP provided by id my internet service provider, now there’s a network ip, which I want to access at my domain and I dont know how to do this, please help me if you know it…

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That is a local network address. Several of the networks I work on have a variety of different devices at that address. The address is only accessible from within the local network - it can’t be accessed using that address from outside the local network.

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this is what I want to know, to put my network DNS online web server so that can be accessible anywhere any time…how can I do this? if you know please help.

Actually I am using a camera that uses local network to connect, the local ip of that camera is 192.168.1,15 so I want to know how that can be put live on server so that it can be viewable anywhere…

Thanks in advance.

It sounds like you need to just find out your WAN IP address from the website www.ipchicken.com
then you would need software to stream the video, which will give you an port for video streaming. From there you need to change the setting on your firewall to allow the video to pass through the port.