DLL Protection

Hi All,

Can any one suggest better strategy for the following:

  1. I need to protect DLL
  2. Applying time limit (trial period ) to entire application usage.

I know obfuscate can do few wonders but I am confused as I googled that it can be undone too!

Any ideas?

Awaiting your response.

Many Thanks.

All the ways that I can think of (cd keys, registry keys, timestamp comparison, etc) all fall short, and can be worked around by those that know what they are doing.

The only reliable way I know of is to have the user register before downloading, then check an online database before allowing any called method to be run.

Of course, this now requires an active inet connection to work at all.

Good luck.

thank you for the response…

Actually, I need to send the copy of my application to client for demo purpose and to make sure that he can’t evaluate the code!

I have used obfuscation tools and its showing “code obfuscated” but I am somewhat in doubt that it can also be handled for reverse engineering!

any ideas? I hope my question is clear to you now.

Well…while objuscating the code does make it harder for somebody to read it, it can be done.

This sounds more like a legal / trust issue. Has the client signed a non-disclosure clause, or some other clause that prohibits such actions? Make sure you have you bases covered so that you have recourse should something happen.

Having said that, I’m not a lawyer. Seek professional legal aid.

Beyond that, there isn’t much one can do.