DJ booking script

Anyone know of a good booking calendar for a DJ service? I need the client to be able to book the date and pay via Paypal.
I’ve found a few booking calendars but none that do exactly what I need it to do.

Creating this yourself isn’t very difficult. You can even use a pre-built script and make the modifications yourself. As far as getting a booking calendar system with PHP built into it already you would probably need to pay for such a script and even then with the way paypal’s api is I wouldn’t be 100% certain that any script you will come across would work correctly. I am not sure if you have ever had to mess with Paypal’s api but it’s quiet a pain to deal with as the documentation is in some kind of ancient alien text. Doing a quick google search I found this script it seems as though it might be sufficient. I believe it is the same script as this site which says that it has paypal integration.

If none of what @robawtic said will help you can think about this solution. Take what you found and find a programmer to the rest of the feature that you want.