DIVs moving sideways instead of moving down

Hey guys

I have this site im currently working on: http://www.dev.webtastix.net/cva/index.php?page=shop&catid=12

The trouble im having is if you click the “More Info” link next to a product it moves the boxes underneath it sideways, what we really need to happen is it moves everything down like it does on the pages where there’s only 1 product per category…

Can anyone see what I’ve done wrong or the best way to solve this issue?

Huge thanks

Hi Shane. One option is to change float: left to display: inline-block:

#gallerybox {
[COLOR="#FF0000"][s]float: left;[/s][/COLOR]
[COLOR="#0000CD"]display: inline-block;
vertical-align: top;[/COLOR]
Off Topic:

You’ve got two float declarations in there, so make sure to remove them both!

ive been struggling with that one for hours! thank you sooo much…

its always something so simple that makes it work :slight_smile:

a huge thank you :slight_smile:

No probs, glad to help!