Div positioning in IE7

hI, i am looking for help with an issue in IE7.

the alignment of certain elements are not right and have moved position.

it works fine in IE8 and FF.

i have just taken on this job so i am unclear how they have implemented the code etc. i think the code is filtered from our main website.

i am looking for advice on what the problem may be with the positioning and the solution.

this is the link to the page

Get Your Business Found by More People

I apologise if i am being vague



Welcome to Sitepoint :slight_smile:

That code is a bit of a nightmare to work with all the inline styles, however you may be able to fix the header by changing the inline-block style to float left instead.


<div id="brighton_header"> <span class="logo"><a style="display: inline-block;[B]float:left;[/B] border: medium none;" href="http://www.brightfire.co.uk"><img src=

Add float:left as shown above.

Note that span class="logo cannot be a span as spans cannot hold block elements. It should be a div.

hi, thanks for the help. i will give it a go.

Can you tell me why the footer elements are out of alignment aswell.
is this caused by the top nav moving position.

thanks again

The footer is incorrect because you haven’t adjusted the default left margin on the uls. The inline styles only remove left-padding and only some browsers use a default of left-padding while others use left margin.

As you have no class or wrapper on those elements you will need to either add a parent class and address the uls within or just set all uls to zero.


ul {margin-left:0}

Or write the inline styles for every ul in that section.

        <ul style="color: rgb(152, 152, 152); list-style: none outside none; padding-left: 0p[B]t;margin-left:0[/B]">


I will give that a shot.

Appreciate your help with this.

have a good day