Div position problem

Hello all

I am having a problem with my layout, I have two columns which consist of a left div with a slider and content at the bottom of the slider and then a right div which contains four small divs sitting on top of each other, However, this right div should be sitting at the same level as the left div slider but is not, rather it is sitting below the slider. I have tried using the margin-top property and it worked only when the property reached minus 450px, however if I re open this page, the right div will have moved to the bottom of the page again, what am I missing? I don’t want to use position absolute because this will overlapp my footer, what do I do? Please help

thank you in advance

i’m a bit confused.
you have a left div (floated left?) and a right div (floated right)? but they aren’t across from each other? They look like almost like paragraphed text would instead of this | |?
if so, you might have yourself a width issue going. I might be wrong, I can’t remember, but I believe it goes div+padding+margin=overall width
to add to that, if your width is fixed at 800px and one is 350 and one is 450, you’ll have them act weird. Make the right one 449 and magically they line up again.

I hope that makes sense. This should go in CSS forum too, for a better array of insights!

Yes thats exactly it, thank you so much your suggestion really worked, Thanks a trillion