Div Area Float Down

Anyone know what this is called? Looking to learn how to build it and I believe it is controlled by Javascript.

You are on a website you scroll down past the fold and a box comes down “animated” and you have the option to close it.

Example here:


That seems to be a variation of the catfish, which is a bar that hugs the bottom of the screen instead.

Here’s the tutorial.
The Catfish – Part 1
Set Us Up The Catfish – Part 2: SlideMe

Thanks I was thinking the same thing however the differences:

Top down
It does not appear when you enter the site, you have to scroll down a certain point.

Any points to take the above tutorial and accomplish the above? I have a feeling it is javascript based which I sadly am not an expert in.


Bottom up or top down, one is just an inversion of the other.

Instead of triggering on page load, you can use a setTimeout to check how far things have scrolled.

It is a collaboration of HTML, CSS and scripting. We’ll do what we can here though to help you with any parts that you might get stuck with.